Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 - looking ahead

All in all 2011 turned out to be a great year for us. And we hope to carry the results and momentum into 2012. With this in mind here are a few goals.

  • Make an extra month's mortgage payment over course of year
  • Fully fund both our IRAs
  • Save 15% of income to retirement 
  • Continue saving monthly for future "dream house down payment"
  • Lose 12 pounds
  • Bike and run a total of 2,000 miles
  • Landscape side of yard
  • Clean/donate 12 big boxes of "stuff" - box a month
  • Replace outside entry garage door with metal door and deadbolt
  • Take twins to new state for them
  • Go backpacking overnight with family
  • Fund twin's ESA college accounts

I'm sure I could spend all day coming up with bunched of these. But I don't always excel with goals so I'll keep it simple and easy.

How are your goals coming? Did you have to carryover any from 2011?


Sharon said...

Great goals! I need to get my efund in place before I can kick up my retirement fund....

I like your "12" theme too! I forgot about "donating", but I'm sure I'll be decluttering through 2012 too!

The Happy Homeowner said...

Love this list, especially the backpacking and running/biking parts! Good luck!

Also, one random note is to say thank you for including me in your blogroll, that was a pleasant surprise! I updated my domain a while ago to my own .net address in case you'd like to update it so the current feed comes through. Regardless, thanks again! said...


@Happy Homeowner
Thanks, and I'll update to your .net URL. We'll see how I do with the mileage goal. That's a lot of miles...

Anonymous said...

Here are my goals for 2012:

- Accumulate at least $40,000 for investments during 2012, beginning 2013.
- Create feasible plan 10 year and review the priorities.
- Diversify the nest egg.
- Think about additional source of income.

- Regular monthly updates
- To cover 6 themes
I have no intentions to move towards an entertaining blog with 2-3 weekly posts. I will endeavor my best efforts to stay on personal subject of financial independence.

- Create list of books to read & read them- 12 books in minimum.
- Publish reviews.
- Have solid understanding of mutual funds and energy sector stocks.

Family Budget:
- Stay under $75,000 with the family expenses
- Accumulate $7,000 towards durable goods replacement over 10 years.

Be happy.