Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do not doubt the stroller

Seriously. A stroller is one of the key tools of fatherhood. Probably why there is Jeep branded strollers, which seemed cheapish when I looked at them. A good stroller strategy is doubly crucial when fathering twins.

My strategy is simple: one high quality double stroller and two dirt cheap umbrella strollers - the $12 single ones from Babies-R-Us.

For the high priced unit we went with the Maclaren Twin Techo. It's nice. Folds up compact. Smooth rolling wheels. Savvy. About $380 or so from a Buy It Noe eBay seller. Thought about the Twin Triumph but we like the extra adjust-ability of the Techno.

Incidentally my sister has since bought the Triumph for her non-Twin boys. I can see the difference in the cost. To my the Techno looks more solidly built. With the extra bells and whistles.

Now, we could have continued the Maclaren theme and bought some Maclaren umbrella strollers. But I like idea of the super-cheap ones from Babies-R-Us. The kind that get lost, broken, stolen, you don't care much. Ours cost under $30 for two. They work great except for the sun/rain shade; it just doesn't do much good.

The umbrella strollers are perfect for air travel, crowded shopping malls, and the like. BUt two operators are needed. They're no good for solo-parental missions.

We also have a Babytrends jogger received as a gift. It's been used for jogging, 5k races, dirt trails, snow covered streets. The large tires make it easy to navigate such terrain. We'll be looking to upgrade to a bike/jogger stroller for this upcoming summer.

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