Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the Hunt for online helpers

I trying to find a few online helper resources. It'd be nice to find an all inclusive portfolio tracker. Sure, there's lot available. But none that I really like. Marketwatch is pretty good. The eTrade one has a nice analyzer that will break your portfolio down into investment type. But the search continues...

I'd like to keep a food budget. Keep track of my general eating habits. See how my calorie intake compares to exertion. Not all I assume allow tracking of activities. I've tried the iGoogle counter, but it doesn't even have an entry for bananas. I eat several a week. So that's no good. Nice thought that there are dozens of these freebies all over the net.

Automotive maintenance tracker. I keep a little notebook of the maintenance I do on our two cars. It's handy to make sure I get oil changes done, and so I can see what other works has been done. It's be nice to track this online. Then I don't have to wonder if my notebook ever gets lost.

We'll see what I find.


moneymatekate said...

Well, I can help you with free websites for tracking your diet and exercise:,

Good sites for finding calorie expenditure for activity:,

Good food-calorie site: (recommended by my Registered Dietitian).

Lots of magazine sites like Men's Health, Women's Health, Self, etc. have free diet tracking programs and forums.

Good luck!

christopher said...

Thanks. I'll check them out.