Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jobs are only jobs till they affect your life...

Aug 13 posting on Nevblog has some advice he directed to his soon to be a college grad cousin. I enjoyed reading through it. I finished up with college 10 years ago. And such a long road it's been since then.

As it turned out I did not put career on the top of my list. In fact, I don't think it even showed up on my list. But my lack of career focus did allow me to enjoy my 20s, traveling and visiting over 30 countries, and finish visiting all 50 states. All the while not incurring credit card debt. I respectively paid down my smallish college loan ($15,000ish).

I feel privileged for the opportunities I had and took. But, back to the aforementioned post, made me think of the other path I could have taken after college: career path. But I can only speculate the what its. But I can think of how I ended up into a career of IT. There's a long journey in my story. How many jobs did I have. A lot. So, let's take a look. Step by step.

I'll jog my memory and strain to recall all the legitimate jobs I've ever had. And how I ended up here. It'll take lots of posts to cover it all.

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