Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Opportunity Cost of The New Yorker Subscription

Can reading The New Yorker delay my career and more?

This past fall I bought a two year subscriptions to The New Yorker Cost of $74 I believe. And a free tote bag. Since that first issue I noticed two things: 1)I’ve never completly read an issue before the next one arrived in the mailbox. 2)I’ve stopped reading pretty much anything else. No books. No training manuals. Nada. Amazon has mucho reviews about The New Yorker. There’s several common themes amongst the feedback.

Most reviewers agrees on one thing - it’s hard to finish reading cover to cover each week. Besides the point that the first sectional is happenings around NYC, there isn’t always good reading in those pages. Some of the pieces I don’t find of any interest. It’s hit or miss.

So, while my friend, a subscriber of 7 years will continue looking forward to his Tuesday mail, I’ll be calling in my cancelation. Aside from getting a partial refund, there’s a far greater benefit. More time to read other material. Particularly the various IT references that are interesting and have relevance in my professional career. I even need to study for assorted MSCE exams and such.

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