Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gas $avings

The next few months shouldn't be any fun for those that buy gas. I've already broken the $30 fill up mark for my Subaru. It sucks. But there are two things that I do that should help in the long run.

1) I drive sensibly. I try and accerlerate modestly away from stoplights. Never getting the RPMs above 2500. It sure does anger the lead footed driver behind. Some of them frantically cut off the driver in the lane to the next, only to brake at the next stoplight 20 seconds down the road. Not very gas savvy. By my calculations my slow starts add between 1/2 to 1 mpg for city driving. Not a whole lot. But enough to keep at it.

Here's why: a lot of financial bloggers always maximize the different incentives credit card companies offer. As such, I feel good about the 1% I get back by using my Visa. Adding 1 mpg to my driving equals a 4% improvement. Not bad.

2) Keep those tires inflated properly. Check them every week. Buy a small air compressor so you can add air yourself. Just read about a study that stated over 70% of cars don't have all tires properly inflated. And that keeping tires inflated properly can save over $800 over seven years (the average life-span of a vehicle.) That's no chump change. And as gas increases it'll save you even more.

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