Wednesday, April 05, 2006

$200k Net Worth Milestone

As of today we are above the $200k mark. Quite a feeling.
Here's the updated networth figures:

Savings- $6,374 from $5,500 increase of $874

Money Market- $62,841 from $62,645 increase of $196

Stocks- $36,352 from $35,412 increase of $940

IRA stocks- $12,633 from $11,947 increase of $686

Mutual Fund- $4060 from $3,947 increase of $113

For now I'm keeping the home equity and car values the same. As I mentioned in an earlier post, our neighbors put their house for sale. It's currently subject to inspection. We hope to see a price near the asking price. At which point we can revalue our house from that price point. It should add good amount to our assets.

It's nice to have increases in all categories. Can't expect this every month. All that matters is overall net worth over the long run.

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