Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stocks we use

As an investor I always feel better buying products from companies that we're shareholders in. But that doesn't give reason alone to over-buy. We own Starbucks stock but don't go there daily. I know that I alone can't affect same store sales in any way. But if I'm out and in need of a coffee (which doesn't happen much since I can't stand paying more than $1 for coffee without refills) I'd probably choose Starbucks.

And I try to buy my gas at 76 since we own ConocoPhillips. Back east it was easier to fuel up since we also own Amerada Hess and Valero but I haven't seen either of those out west. Last summer it was hard paying over $3 a gallon but at least our oil stock appreciated enough to offset our fuel costs.

Now that we're in a new house we've been frequenting Home Depot and Lowes quite a bit. It makes me think about buying some shares of one of those companies, since I see never ending trips to one of the two well into the future.

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