Monday, March 06, 2006

Stocks missing

Stocks aren't doing so well today. Our accounts are down almost $1,000 today. Whenever this happens I usually forget about the market and go worry about other things. Looks like market is selling while interest moves to Tresury market. I consider myself a serious, amateur investor. By this I mean I don't really have a strong grasp of all investing vehicles. Mainly I've been trying to learn long equity trades. Next, though I think I want to work on the Treasury market. I need to move some funds from the money market accounts into bills and bonds. But with the current high flying yields on internet money market (ie, Emigrant Direct, ING, HSBC Direct) accounts, I haven't felt compelled to get into the Treasury game. Further down the line I'll turn to short equity trades, options, currency, etc, if I still have the time and money.

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