Wednesday, March 22, 2006

(almost) Free Treo Phone

Saw that Ameritrade is giving away free Treo 650 Smart Phones. As long as you open a new account with $25,000. Otherwise you get 15 free trades with $2000.

ShareBuilder is offering $25 bonus for new accounts and still has the lowest commision of $4. But you can only trade once a week at that rate. Not too bad for long term trades. Otherwise, realtime trades are $16.

ETrade offer free trades with new accounts, but the small print is too confusing to see what's what. Apparently you can get up to 100 free trades. They use a floating fee schedule of $7-10 depending on how many trades a quarter.

Fidelity has a simliar schedule of fees. And reminds me why ...

I trade with Scottrade. When I started actively trading I choose Scottrade because I liked that they had offices in all major cities. It's nice to go talk to a broker, yet not have to pay high comission fees. It's also nice that they dropped their limit order trades to the same rate of market orders.

Although, I think I may open a Sharebuilder account because I am interested in the super low cost fees for long, long term trades.

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